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Default Re: Car Repairs

Originally Posted by berry120 View Post
Yup, agreed - these things are unfortunately a very grey area. In practice I don't think they prove a problem too often which is why, but unfortunately when they do things can really get a bit awkward.
yeah i dont think this kind of thing happens too often in practice cos if it was a cheap job like changing a bulb or something I think the majority of people would complain but pay it because the job needed doing at the end of the day and sometimes it isnt worth the arguments .you just want your car back , and you'd obviously never visit that garage again .

and I think you would struggle to find a garage dozy enough to carry out work valued at £1000 without first checking and double checking because of the risk that someone might be unable to pay for lack of money which would put them in a really difficult situation .

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
Interesting, not in this country you don't.

As I said I'm not in this situation but it would have been interesting if I was.
Because so much of the car garage industry in the UK and many other industries rely on verbal communication with no written contracts I'm surprise we don't hear more of this.
The yamaha dealership i have taken my motorbike to for repairs have made me sign to authorize them to repair things , but that was when it was blatantly clear what the job was that needed doing , .but they also get you to sign to document the condition of the bike when you hand them the keys so they cant later be held responsible for bumps and scrapes that where on it when you gave it to them .

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Default Re: Car Repairs

The problem by me is, you take in your car to say, get the control arm replaced. But being in the rust belt... This bolt breaks, this balljoint now needs to be replaced, this item needs to be torched... And so on. It can get expensive quick. Luckily, I am able to do all my own repairs, or my car would be expensive with the few bushings and balljoints that I've replaced.
I've had nuts so tight, that by the time I get them off (using a 4 foot breaker bar), they are too hot to touch. I've had to cut a few nuts and such too. And my car is a 2005... I hate road salt.
Because of this, a lot of shops around here will say, "this is the base price without and complications." And it can be a decent bit more. But usually they will call if they run into complications that end up being pretty expensive.

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Default Re: Car Repairs

What car is it?
If you have trouble with the garage then you might want to go to citizens advice bureau, or consumer action forums where they have a large section on garages and garage problems.

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