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Default Re: car engine swap question

Originally Posted by Cabbs View Post
Header=exhaust manifold, that's what they are called on 4-cylinders.

As for the ECU, you could do standalone fuel management like Megasquirt. It takes engine control away from the stock ECU to a different computer that is tuned through a laptop. You will need a wideband air/fuel ratio gauge and eventually a place to dyno tune it.
1. headers and manifolds are different. they operate different too, i no this from my dad and a shop teacher at school that is very good friends with my dad, and you cant tell a kid that changed his first engine when he was 11 and worked on cars of all different makes, that he is wrong.

2. i dont have a place to dyno it, this is a home garage type thing im talking about, with some outside help for some specialties.

Originally Posted by D-Lew View Post
You reprogram the ECU to delete it. Not like you really need to unless you take it to the track... Acceleration is king.

You may or may not have to upgrade internals. A Zetec engine out of a Focus and a ZX2 for instance will hold 10 psi easy, making about 100 extra horsepower. Again, something better to ask on a stratus forum.
i asked some stuff on an all dodge forum and i dont have a response to my thread yet(made it yesterday).

how do i make a homemade turbo? what do i need?

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Default Re: car engine swap question

You will def. need somewhere to dyno the thing.
I agree with you on the headers vs exhaust manifold. Basically, exhaust manifold is stock, all the exhaust from each cylinder is combined right away, headers, carry it seperaty to allow higher and easier airflow. On their own, headers are pretty much a waste, but with some forced induction and a high flow muffler, they will help a lot.

Dont worry too much about the computer part, thats easy to solve. idk what works with dodge cars, but I know for my ranger, I would be getting something like an X-Calibrator 3. Can hold 3 custom tunes, will recalibrate the speedo if you get bigger tires, removes top speed limiter chip if there is one, allows the rev limiter up a bit, and you can tune your engine. This will also be a part of the dyno.

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