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Talking Can’t decide on monitor's size! Please help.


I’ am having a very hard time trying to determine what size of a monitor or monitors to get? My main one as you will see on the link below is a Dell 24" 2407WFP-HC my original thoughts is ether get 2X 22” inch monitors and place them on both side of my main one, or gat one 24”. My budget is not that crazy because I also need to get one for my younger brother and having a hard time deciding what to get him as well… If I would to get 2X 22” monitors for myself, I was thinking about $170 each, newegg has some interesting choices. However If I would to go for one 24” I would spend about no more then $270 as I don’t believe spending more on a single secondary monitor is needed. I am linking some pics for you to see how my current setup looks like. I’m kind of leaning toward getting a 2X 22” monitors, but very interested in your feedback. Main usage for the extra monitor’s will be probably playing WoW (yes I know, I’m a lost case). The pics are few month old, but the current layout is about the same.



Also what adapter do I need to get in order to have 3 monitors hooked up? And what type of a layout am I looking at with 2 addition monitors, Will I be able to extend it on both the left and the right? I currently have one 9800GTX.


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Default Re: Can’t decide on monitor's size! Please help.

you will need another video card that is NOT sli'ed

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Default Re: Can’t decide on monitor's size! Please help.

You will need an extra video card for 3 monitors. It doesn't need to be the same as your current one, but it would probably be ideal if you plan on 3 screen gaming. You can do 2 monitors with your current setup if your graphics card has a second port. If you do 3 screen, hook up the center one to your main card, and outside screens to the secondary card. I have 3 screens and it works out best that way.
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