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Default Re: C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight

Love C&C games, wish ea didnt cancel renegade 2.... Westwood was 1/2 the way done of making it to, then ea canceled it.... hmmm.... RA3 is really fun though, though i wish there is base building in tiberium twilight, then you can make units faster and stuff....

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Default Re: C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight

Originally Posted by Mutant Corn View Post
I think they're taking a cue from games like Halo Wars and Battleforge, somewhat, by removing the tetris element of most older RTS series. Not having to constantly position your buildings keeps things simpler and quickens the gameplay, leading to, IMO, a much more interesting experience. I'd like to see how the resource management works, though.
I think I remember reading an article about C&C 4. From my (not so good) research, I've read that Tiberium Crystals simply mark where your credits come in. I guss you have to capture some kind of building or plant some kind of device in the patch of Tiberium (like the Tiberium Spike from C&C 3) that provides a constant flow of recourse? Idk.

Just looked it up again. Harvesting Tiberium is kind of like capture the flag. You have a unit collect a crystal and you have to hurry over to your base to convert it to upgrades. The crystals randomly descend to the battlefield and they just kind of float around and accumulate over time.

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