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Default Re: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog (LOL)

Edit: I found some comments from the original owner on her Youtube channel. The owner (whom seems to be gentle from her comments) states that this dog has done this since her birth. Allegedly then, assuming that their being honest, the dog was born in their custody, and I'm assuming was never abused..

Just something you should know if you found this disturbing.

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Default Re: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog (LOL)

prob some ticks it has, yeah I read the comments dog has had this for a while lol.

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Default Re: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog (LOL)

Originally Posted by Neodude112320 View Post
Poor dog,probably had a nightmare.

My dog was abused and found in a rubbish bin when the RSPCA Found him,sometimes when he's sleeping he will do similar things and start whimpering,when he wakes up his tail is in between his legs and just isnt himself,when he is sleep whimpering i normally wake him up and comfort him.

I Dont find that video funny,but that's just me.
yeah i agree with this.. i work with rescue dogs/cats etc.. and i cant see how a dog having a nightmare and possibly hurting itself is funny.. ive seen abused dogs do this sort of thing before, and it reminded me of that.. we have some sick cases come into the sanctuary and i dont find this sort of thing amusing at all..

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