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Default Re: Atrocities

i never said they didnt but its just unfair because people who dont know alot about the subject make think it was only them i dont want people to look at the allies and say we were goody goods cause we wernt

EDIT; Aw, diddums, were the nasty men fighting then!, you were born 49 years after WW2 ended, you have no idea, I was about your age at the height of the war, & it frightened me to death, I literally saw the city I lived in blitzed to hell, stood in my back garden watching Stuka's dropping bombs & saw them leave the bomb bays, scarred me for life, mentally, one of the many many bombs the nazis dropped, hit a house just down the street, killing three of our friends, and three of my relatives were killed, fighting in France.


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Default Re: Atrocities

Originally Posted by Brookfield
Can I just point out, I know that we have at least one Japanese member, & of course, this does not reflect on him or his family, these events happened over sixty years ago, the press say that very elderly innocent Japanese are lining up to tell their dreadful stories before they die, if members find these facts too gruesome, I will ask for a vote whether this thread should continue, that's a firm pledge.

Dissecting prisoners while they were still alive, some were teenage girls, exposing prisoners to phosgene gas that kills by burning the lungs, given electrical charges that roasted them alive, locking them into compression chambers, until their eye popped out, spun in washig machines, hand grenades expoded near them.

That's enough I think, I apologise in advance if this upsets members, it made my skin crawl, I could hardly read the accounts, I grew so angry, it was my history, I lived during WW2, it had a huge effect on me, I know they are a great nation now, & generally well respected, that was then, this is now.
Yup. That's why my dad still has some dislike for Japan to this day. The US apologized and took responsibility for the Japanese-American Internment relocation. Hell, even Germany took responsibility for the Holocaust.

To this day, Japan has never uttered a single apology to China for all the atrocities and war crimes they committed against Chinese civilians. Not a single apology. It's a rather sad fact of the war too, considering that everyone knows about the Holocaust and Japanese-American Internment camps, but hardly anyone knows about this.

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