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Old 09-25-2006, 04:20 PM   #161
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Default Re: asking a girl out

Originally Posted by Trivium Nate
Well Amber and I are now done so much for her being perfect her and I are doen forevre

I broke up with her because. She Doest talk to me as much or hardly at all. She doesn't call at all she used to everyday. She hangs out with other guys everyday all day and she leaves comments on their my space saying I love you more than I do Nate. She was hanging out with this guy named Bret who she told me she hated, She hated him yet she hung out with him everyday I don't know she mostly just doesn't talk to me at all and when ever I call her House to see is she wants to hang out she is always busy or not home. And now Amber and I are forever done with anything and everything she is like yelling at any one that talks to me, she yelled at my friend Jen because I was talking to her, she yelled at my friend Stacie because her and I were talking about the fact that are best friend Ed was moving(Ed is my best best friend, and Stacie's Boyfriend) so I was going to go to Jens House today after work, Jen lives in the same apartment complex and Ed and Stacie and a bunch of my other friends and all of were going to hang out. Amber flipped and started saying all this stuff like Nate your the worst boyfriend ever" Which actually didn't affect me in the least bit. She started saying all this stuff I was like NO! Her and I are done! I am going to move on I'm sorry that I didn't, I am beyond this now plenty of other girls in this world. (I just cant wait to find the petty girl that I'm supposed to be with forever she is going to be amazing)!!!!!

Yeah so I have learned form my mistake sand I am in no way shape or form hurt I am fine I am going to use this as a learning experience, I am going to be more carefull in the future

I want to say im sorry to every one if i yelled at you

and i say
Just ask the girl out and see what happens youve got nothing to lose

not to rub it in or anything...but i knew that was going to happen with you and her...i kinda called it (in my earlier post)....

well like you said...tons more girls...go get em tiger.

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Default Re: asking a girl out

Yea man, not online or phone, face to face, confidence .. NOT overly confident though, and just tell her how ye feel and ask her out sometime.

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Default Re: asking a girl out

And you guys think you know the first thing about drama lol

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