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Default Re: arrizx asked me to post this

same here, i tried the connection various times throughout the day with no luck glad to see things are working now though. you might want to sticky this or something so people see trying the IP might work.

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Default Re: arrizx asked me to post this

Originally Posted by UK31337
Why's it running Apache on Win2K3? Personally I'd be running IIS, but you didn't set it up yourself, did you?
security... Apache is more *slightly* secure than IIS 6... )(though I agree it does seem kind of pointless especually when patches can be applied to IIS more easily and automatically).

Originally Posted by David Lindon
It runs server 2K3 with apache (>50 connections (Not sure exact figure off top of my head))

Try IPs in future.
do you maintain the server yourself daivd? if so you may with to consider changing to use IIS, PHP can be installed on IIS as a Dll interperater, which is faster than the .exe interperation that you'd probably be using with Apache, (this may also solve the time out problems).

is >50 enough? i mean there are quite a few sites running off of the same server any idea what your traffic is like across all sites at once?

also, due to the amount of forums that there are, and the amount of threads etc in all the forums, what are the database sizes like? could it be a slow MySQL server that is causeing the timeouts?

It's a bit of a bugger that the DNS servers don't always resolve. short of changing providers I'm not sure there is a lot that you can do, (I assume that this is out of your hands?).

actually... a little investigation...
> www.computerforums.org

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: node1.computerforums.org
Aliases: www.computerforums.org

> node1.computerforums.org

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: node1.computerforums.org
you have the site and the name servers running at the same address?
does the same address indicate the same machine?

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