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Default Argument paper/Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting at home, looking at places to stay in Maine for our vacation when we got the call. The doctor said I was to come in the emergency room immediately. When I got there, I was hooked up to two I-Vs and was told I had been diagnosed with America's 5th deadliest disease, diabetes. Since then I have dealt with it as best I can, even the teasing... When I heard Obama was federally funding stem cell research, needless to say I was very happy.
With stem cell research, many diseases, including diabetes can be cured much sooner. Two years ago, during a Florida diabetes conference, my friend Ethen and I were sitting beside a lake in Coronado Springs Resort talking when the question came up, “How long do you think it will be before we are cured of diabetes?” We decided, it would take between 75-100 years to come up with a cure, and another 10-15 before the red ribbon was cut. In other words, not in any of our lifetimes. After Obama's recent decision, we have had the same conversation. Now our predictions are 20-40 years for a cure, and another 5-10 for the public release. This is just an example of how much more quickly research can move with research like this being funded.
Some would say funding stem cell research would promote abortion, and more infants would be donated to stem cell research rather then adoption. I do not think there will be any more abortions in the name of stem cell research then there are abortions now. Those that are having an abortion now have some condolence that they are saving my life and the life of others.
Other's are of a religious belief that has turned them against stem cell research. I can agree 100% with their opinions. I am Catholic, and I am supposed to be against it as well, but I disagree with this opinion of the Catholic church. But before Obama, George Bush was also a Catholic, and he was against stem cell research. I believe this is a mixing of church and state, and we now have a president who is thinking for the good of everyone.
Other then the curing of major and minor diseases, there are other things that can happen with stem cell research. One of which being cloning, this may be good or bad to some of you, I myself am still undecided on the subject. It has it's positives, but it also has it negatives. Humans could start to live too long, and potentially become nearly immortal. There are good side effects of cloning as well though. Like a healthier life until the end, regrowth of body parts lost in freak accidents, and more research possibilities may open up.

Poke Holes in it!!! I want to expand on anything needing it.

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Default Re: Argument paper/Stem Cell Research

You may want to re-write your thesis statement, also I would add some direct quotes when you start talking about pro life vs abortion.

might find some more facts/information from scholarly databases


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Default Re: Argument paper/Stem Cell Research

Definately add more quotes and cite your quotes that you already have. Also see if you can take out the part about your life or make it smaller. Many professors, at least mine, don't like that and see it as a way to make your essay longer and it also makes the essay more personal taking away the credibility of your point. I am not the best writer but these were some mistakes I made in my essays.
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