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Default Arduino Goodness and how I got sidetracked

I got side tracked. I admitt it. I have pics in the que to update the Pshield but stumbled on to this. How To Recreate The Classic Pong Game Using Arduino

The blog where I found it was carefully written as to not need a wiring diagram. This guy walks you through where to get the libaries as well as the sketch. He gives you an itemized patrs list and tells you how to hook it all up. I didn't have one item so I had to improvise. The parts list calls for a 470 ohm resistor for the Hsync connection. Seeing as I didn't even have what I needed to make a resistor matrix, I just hooked up a trim pot to my meter and spent a little time dialing in 470 ohms. That'll try your patients right quick.

I fabed up a servo style to composit plug adaptor for the video output to connect to my monitor. Otherwise the rest was from my parts boxes.
Let's have a look at the finished product. No I didn't take any build shots as this was just a spur of the moment build. Sorry. Normally I take pics but deveated from my norm this time.

In the foreground are the two trim pots that are the paddles. They are way too stiff and as such, I was getting my ass handed to me pretty much. I finally got my little screw driver set out and used them as handles. Didn't help my score though it made it easier to play.
In the background of the Arduino board is the start button (left side) and on the same board to the right is the video out connection.
So I finally figured out I had parked the TVout libraies in the root Arduino flies folder instead of putting them in the next level down in the Libraries folder. DOH!!! After getting that straight, I pasted the sketch in the IDE and compiled it and sent it to the Arduino. The splash page came right up and the game started by itself. It's not supposed to. That's when I discovered the start button which uses a pulldown resistor was wired wrong. Fixed that, reset the Arduino and it worked like it was advertised.

Woah... Ok so let's push the start button and see what happens. I was expecting to see the blue smoke come out some where. But it didn't. Instead it did this.

I have got to get some paddles or get bigger pots and make my own.

See what happens when you add one part bored to tears with one part more parts than the law allows. You do stuff like this.
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