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Default Re: Anyone up for some online BF2/2142 or Crysis sunday?

well, when u get CSS or DODS, givme a buzz on steam.

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Default Re: Anyone up for some online BF2/2142 or Crysis sunday?

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
^^ Did you try Crysis?
COD4 might work. My friend can play it online with his PS3 with the Verizon EVDO.
I'm having a hell of a time right now. I got pissed off and decided to try moving to a different tower. I got my Rssi down to -73dBM going to it vs the -82dBm I was getting on the other tower. Further yet a clearer shot but I can't get connected to broadband or rev A. I've seen the basic broadband flash a few times but thats worthless.

I don't know if something was going on with the tower I was previously facing because I saw a signal but couldn't connect.

I'm just starting to get a bit pissed off. Get it working then stuff like this happens and I've got to screw around some more. I was finding a idle rev A signal around -84dBm then after connected it jumped up when working to mid 90's low 100's but yet it still worked.

Right now I'm staring at 4 bars full service and I can't get the damn thing on what I want. I'll have to call the tech and aim it at the other 2 towers in my area although there just as far as the last one I tried.

Time to go back out spin it around and see if Rev A will work again or not.

Edit In: Now its f**king raining like hell outside and I moved it back where I had it and can't even find that signal. LMAO I think its about time I just move and say to hell with it. I dunno maybe the towers are just messed up like friday night.

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