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Default All this...for a 32M stick

Well, as we are in renovations in my room, my father found a stick of 32MB PC-100 between the wall. It was an old stick I lost. Well, today, i decided to see if it works. First thing's first, I bring m Intel board and remove the RAM. Put the new tick, plug and...nothing. It doesn't power up. The board's not getting power. OKay, I'll short the two pins. Power great except my floppy drive is making craclking sounds. No probs. Disconnect it and plug the board back.

Nothing. Check for shorts, everything is good...it decided to die on me

Fine, I pop in my IBM machine...piece of crap.
Plug in the stick and power up. It works, but afterwards, I had problems with the GPU and the RAM sticks previously in were a pain to get detected on the board...and since it's in my lovely Sonata case, I removed it. Now, tonight, my friend pops me up his dad's fried S478. It's an ASUS P4PE. I tried it for fun and like I expected, it didn't power up. I'll look at it and see what's wrong.

The board fried upon recieving pulsing voltages, due to a bad PSU caps.

Overall, I have 416MB of spare RAM sticks, two boards to hang...one dead one with a mind of it's own.

And that's preety much my day.

Oh and I found a All in one Laser jet in garbage. Works wonders, but, the onboard display doesn't really work and LEDs either. It works, or doesn't. But the main features, such as printing, fax, scanning and photocopy works wonders. The toner at newegg is 57 bucks, so I consider that cheap.
Brother MFC-8300.
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