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Old 07-25-2005, 02:41 PM   #61
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Default Re: About darkblade

darkblade is right he is teh most knowledgable person about hardware here. also i do notice that roots is singling darkblade out and that should stop.

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Default Re: About darkblade

Lurk, just close it and stop being acting like your 12

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Old 07-25-2005, 02:42 PM   #63
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Why has nobody closed this?
A Knight is sworn to Honour. His heart knows only Virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the Weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the Wicked.
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Default Re: About darkblade

Originally Posted by DarkBlade
HAHAHAH! You are a witty funny little imp aren't you. Look Mr. Root.. my forum is down because we had hosting problems. It is about to come back online. However, I have CF to deal with and am starting my own business. So you can take your sarcastic, childish comments and shove them were the sun doesn't shine. I refuse to take crap from you anymore. It didn't fall flat on its "arse" (the world you search for is ass btw, not being a cuss word and all), but you jsut stooped pretty low bringing that up now didn't you? I suppose this childish taunting is your feeble attempt to try and get me angry and to blow up and say things that will get me banned. Think again, it won't work this time Root. You LOSE. So, please, have a lovely day. My forum is almost back up and David Lindon will soon co own it and bring it back to life. So I will end up having the last laugh won't I? I WAS admin on my forum.. NO, I AM ADMIN. Not much can be said for most of the MODs on this forum... only 99nasha and Matt are good anymore. I thought for a while you were on my side Root, I thought wrong. You are just as hateful as before.. you are also a liar, saying you wouldn't hold grudges. So... what are you going to do? BAN ME??? Go for it... you despicable, mean, and above all, HATEFUL person. It will just go to prove that our MODs need to be kicked out and replaced with better ones (aka ComputerGen, Mark Thorpe, and Dishdog)

Oh, and I know who are my allies...

Seti, Lurks.. I know you want me gone, you are itching to get me banned.. why don't you just do it? Flex those big MOD muscles.. go right ahead.. be like that.. I don't care.. you will be eliminating the BIGGEST helper this forum has.. I don't think even if you combined all your PC knowledge into one big pool that you MODs would be close to as good at hardware as I am. So go right ahead, make people who need advanced technical help suffer. I just feel sorry for the consequences you will cause. You guys.. jeez.. power hungry ego maniacs. Why don't you just resign.. no one like this "product flaming" rule as it ruins the idea of an opinion. This is a democracy, start treating it like one. Oh wait.. you don't have enough brain power combined to realize that either.. I forgot.. read a book.. on government, it helps. Matter of fact, READ A BOOK period instead of visiting a forum all the time. You might actually learn something. And if you are that obsessed with CF, then read my technical info posts. Another opportunity to LEARN. So, what is your choice?
Quite far from it actually...
I don't want to se you banned, I just want to see you calm down a little thats all...

I didn't bring up your forum, YOU DID when you were saying about how bad Lurkswithin was... So don't blame that on me!

If your forum was... sorry, IS doing so well they why do you need david to Co-own it? why did you come back here appologisnig and asking to have your account re-activated?

So far as loyalty dvides go, Mine is to this forum, nt to you, nor seti nor david or lurks, I post what I see fit to post... if thats wrong then one of the other mods can fee free to edit what I have said, (as they have done before)... if daivd doesn't like what I'm saying he can edit me, at the en of the day they are noly words!!!

I'm holding no grudges. certainly not from months ago! when you were banned the first time,

Mods need to be kicked out and replaced with... your friends? so you can have some kind of suport to post whatever you like whenever you like?

Know your allies? you wuoldn't even now your own name if it wern't sewn in your gym kit!!

FYI you'll actually have to do something worthy ofbeing banned before you aer banned again... IMHO you havn't done anything that bad snice you can back frmo benig banned for a short while, but just bear in mind that was a warning to let you cool down a little... not some kind of provokation for you to start saying how nad all the mods are! You have at least one ounce of truth in your post there though...

Yse some of the mods are really realy really itching to push that ban button... Take it as a sign that yuo should be better behaved around here!

you will be eliminating the BIGGEST helper this forum has.. I don't think even if you combined all your PC knowledge into one big pool that you MODs would be close to as good at hardware as I am.
PMSL at this one...

Dark blade let me exlpani this to you...

Firstly I've already gone thrugh Uni, and studdied a much broader course than yuo aer about to attempt, And I've passed it...
've work 3 years part time and now a year full time installing networks and maintaining machines in the company that I work for and have been contracted our to many many organisations... I'm A+ certified (big wow I know) I'm also MSCP I'm also studying for my certifications in Oracle database administration... I've been building computers since I was about 8, So nuless you'd like to claim you were sticking bits together when you were four...

What I am saying to you is aI have greater experiance, Greater education and greater qualification...

Do I think I nkow more than you???


It's my belief that the computing industry move so fast that no one person can be at the top of the knowledge tree for their entier life.. You may know a little about chip architecture and over clocknig, but exactly how much do you know about database servers? how much couldyou help somenoe who comes here with an old system? -probably none yuo'd just gloat about your great system and tell tem they should buy something better?

Bob, your coments are true, This thread should be locked...

Darkblade if you have anythin else to say to me on the matter say it by private message...
I realise thatthis message may be interperated in many many ways so Feel free to express yuor true feeling in this message, we're both adults so lets talk like adults...

I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian…
Im sick of people saying 'dont waste paper'. If trees wanted to live, they'd all carry guns.
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; The inherent vice of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."
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