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Default Re: 911 report

I think that is the last thing i will post on this topic its making people mad at me.

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Default Re: 911 report

Originally Posted by airiox
I got news for you giancarlo. Dont move to Saudi Arabia.

You would be a criminal and be executed.

The executed a few people last year that they found guilty for Homosexuallity. Okay?

Just as western laws are founded on christian beleifs, the middle eat is governed by islam. Okay?

Do you now see why they need to go through a reformation just like Christianity has done?
I'd prefer to move to the UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) where they are very open about things. And the economy is very open. Anyways, what is the point of going to Saudi Arabia when I can get beatened and killed here in the US for being gay? Western laws aren't founded on christianity by the way, it goes back to the Hammurabi code in reality. Islam doesn't need to go through reform because it is more tolerant then christianity. I know that because I'm well acquainted with many muslims who accept me for who I am. Many christians on the other hand wouldn't ever accept it. Christianity needs more reforming then Islam.

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