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Default Re: 2x Faster for $3 more, Yes Please!

That's awesome. I'm pretty stuck here with my 15 down (I think) MBPS connection without any other options.

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Default Re: 2x Faster for $3 more, Yes Please!

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
Upload speed affects online gaming? I thought that's only if you host or upload stuff. I upgraded my internet speed awhile back, 7Mbps/896Kbps from 1.5Mbps/896Kbps. I didn't notice anything during online gaming except that my brother and I can play online at the same time (wasn't able to with 1.5/896).

I think my parents pay $36.99 for the internet after discounts/bundles and before taxes. Difference after upgrade was awesome.
How do you think webpages load? Servers got to know you need the webpage in the first place, so you upload info to the server and ask to download from their server to your computer. Same for gaming, you got to tell SOMEONE that you're there, you're not just a nobody that happen to be sitting there playing the game. Everyone else must know where everyone else is aswell, otherwise it wouldn't work. How do i know you moved 5 feet? Only way to tell is you upload your information to the server, the server uploads that info to my computer that i download. I then upload my info to the server, then it goes to your computer and you know where i am now. It happens to fast it's almost always smooth, but is at the basic how online gaming, or in general the internet works. You need both upload AND download.

And yes, there were information left out so i can simplify the description, this wasn't a "how does the internet work" tutorial, just a small paragraph on why upload is also needed.

Originally Posted by Cabbs View Post
That's awesome. I'm pretty stuck here with my 15 down (I think) MBPS connection without any other options.
Our isp finally got wideband, so for $20 more a month we get 3x more down speed and 5x more up... Then again it's crappy road runner. $80 for 30/5 is very expensive.

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