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Default Re: 2008 Presidency

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
well over $200 a year of our gas bill goes to paying for people who don't pay for theirs. I don't need to pay for health care for kids who are raised by piece-of-shit parents who don't give a shit, and thusly wouldn't do jack shit about whatever the doc told them (who they saw for free because their mom make $8/hour at Mcd's and the dad is in jail for drug dealing so they need all the special care they can get), wasting my money, and the time of the doctors, who should be saving the lives of people who give a shit and contribute to the well fare of our country. we don't need 16% sales tax to have national health care like canada (which manage to o it quite well) the gov would find some oher shit to tax us on, taking money out of the pockets of hard working Americans, and into the hads of people who don't give a shit, becuase a free house and free food will make them give a shit.

and the whole global warming crap? thats none of the president's issue. until the EPA comes out with an official statement, its not happening.

We need a president that will end the war the right way, have justice for American people, reform the court system (yes, no more iphone lawsuits or hot coffee ones either), will reduce the amounts of ridiculous taxes for the gov workers own personal dinners, revoke the no child left behind act, and who will end welfare and similar programs. its time for personal responsibility.
Wow thanks for saying what I was to lazy to write! I totally agree with you. Exploit the working class so the worthless people can get everything for free and exploit the system. Sad part of that is when a hard working honest person actually needs some type of assitance they can't get it because there actually trying to make some type of honest living.

And to put a spin on the whole global warming. Here is a thought if you believe in evolution and we all evolved from something else won't the human race, plants, animals etc naturally evolve as the ozone layer changes? Food for thought.

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