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Default Re: 13 straight hours of RE4

Originally Posted by arrizx
well i have done about 72 hours straight before
Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
i beat it like 4 times. Fun as hell!!! Tho i did have to stop to eat, and piss. And i also think that i took a shower... dont remember tho :P
Well that's crazy. Coz when ur up for 48h u get the same effect as being drunk. Can't walk a straight line, brains not working too fast, slow reflexes (yeah it was nice to play BF against dudes that had slept for a few hours ) and u start to loose ur memory.
And being up for that long without sleep is dangerous, but well, who cares?

And SilentScope, yes my eyes are great! And even after the 48h they worked prefectly, but when I took a look at the mirror they were red. And I don't mean like having a little red on them, I mean totally red, just like red paint.

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Default Re: 13 straight hours of RE4

Damn, but the thing is that, i get consintraited, and i dont really do anything else, or eat a proper meal, i just snack on things as i please.. haha :P and for the record i didnt need to walk a straight line, haha !!!, and ive never been drunk, but if thats all it feels like, it wasnt to bad, and i never had a hang over, HAHA!!

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