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Old 11-13-2006, 12:29 AM   #51
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Default Re: 06-07 Honda Civic Si (4-door) vs 06 Toyota Corolla XRS

Yeah V8's suck it is rumored that the Caliber SRT-4 will have 300 horsies but the caliber is so ugly!! i hate dodge for doing that.

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Default Re: 06-07 Honda Civic Si (4-door) vs 06 Toyota Corolla XRS

Originally Posted by TRDCorolla
Did this SRT-10 pickup get smoked by a puny little SRT-4? Lol, pickup trucks are soooo overrated:

There are a lot of good 4-bangers that are true V8 killers, but in this case, beating a V10?!?!

Check this one out. This one looks sweet. The Mustang even looks like he had a head start too and got beat by the STI. I love it:

Nice try. The srt4 jumped the line. I bet my life he'da red lighted at the track with that move and who said anything about trucks anyway? Not me.

and I really don't see the wrx doing anything to the stang but running as far thru the gears as he can to stay caught up. the stang didn't lose, nor did it shit on the wrx. They were pretty much neck and neck til the end of the vid with the exception of the 6 inches the wrx pulled ahead in the beginning of the race. Take a good look again and at the end of the vid with the wrx, the stang is pulling away.

Don't get me wrong the srt-4 is a bad car andthe wrx is even badder, but, you can do a lot more with a RWD V8 that a FWD I4. The AWD I4/V6 is a BADDD mutha!!!

Nexus, I hear ya on the caliber, but further than that, 300 horses in something of that size is not stable. I don't remember the specs for the caliber (FWD, RWD, AWD?), but I know turbonetics put together a turbo kit for the Scion tC (FWD) that boosts HP to 300 and it is so unstable and the torque steer will put you in a ditch.

FWD cars with any type of power need equal legnth half shafts, a positive traction differential (posi), and the frame work to hold it all together. If they are just small cars with globs of power, they are really not worth it. A FWD car with 300 HP makes the driver so much busier than someone driving a 300 hp RWD car. They have to keep on top of the steering as to not let the car get ahead of them.

Ever get the tires spinning in a FWD car on a rainy day? Once you get to that point, your car is in control until the tires stop spinning. RWD, you'll get loose, but you can hang on if you know what you are doing and don't bug out.

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