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Default Re: Wtf!?!?!?!

oh my.. how inappropriate is that add, thankfully i havent come accross that add before! and good to see that action is being undetaken to get rid of them

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Default Re: Wtf!?!?!?!

Originally Posted by uid=[0]
I find it ammusing, that there are alot of people who get upset about those ads... And then get mad at david about them. Those ads, work through the cookies on your computer to find what you are interested in, and then display similar content to you. So every time someone posts a thread like this with porn on it and getting mad at david. I might stop and think before doing it. just thought i would let you know.

Just to add to that, and make what i mean more clear... When you make those posts... you are telling everyone on CF about your browsing habbits. for example... if your getting alot of porn ads... then yea.. do the math
AHaha... that's good. Just so you know, this was done at my school, so, obviously, someone at my school has issues, not me. I just thought I'd point that out. I agree with the cookies issue, but, however, I don't look at porn. I'm sorry, I just have better things to do. But, also, there are mistakes too. I've seen cosmetic ads on CF at home, and, frankly, I haven't even been near a site that sells cosmestics, or aynthing close to that. So yeha, sorry about, but, hate to break it to you, but technology isn't perfect. This is a serious case. There are children here who look around. If I was truly addicted to porn, I would rather sacrifice myself than let it go tacit and have some little child browse and see it. I am 17, I have a girlfriend, have a part time job, have an education to follow up (stanfard and then yale) and I have a social life too. Too overprotective? Don't start. I'm defending my point, defending my position, because I know what's in my heart and what's true and what I do in my spare time. Honestly, I could careless about those ads, but I truly think there are much better ads that can be put there, MUCH better ones. Thank you, I'm done now. This has taken way too much time, aha, must get back to work.

Edit: I also have a restricted access, so I wouldn't even be able to view those sites, if I wanted to in the first place. I am in the visuabl basic class, however, and I can install whatever I want, such as trillian, thunderbird, etc.

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