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Old 01-28-2010, 12:07 AM   #11
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Default Re: Mac vs. PC

Originally Posted by root View Post
he said don't argue about Mac Vs. PC and you one and only post in this thread is restating your last mac vs pc post regarding cost quality of macs and pc's

it's fail because you clearly didn't even read the thread, or if you did read you didn't understand. the OP is asking for a ban on discussing the difference between macs and pc's, not inviting you to discuss it here.

you so fundamentally missed the point of the first post in the thread that you far from stating your point that there might actually be a point to the mac vs pc discussions you in fact went almost completely off topic on a tangent of arguing about macs vs pcs.

so yes, when the point of the thread is saying that the OP hates mac vs. pc discussions, and your only contribution to the thread is to discuss the differences of macs and pcs it is a fail, a fail of quite epic proportions.

if you should like to discus the differences between macs and pcs I believe that a thread already exists in the social lounge [that has gone onto that discussion topic], and you should feel free to discuss the differences of mac v.s. pc there, this forum section however is suggestions comments and feedback, where threads (such as this one) are placed to amkes suggestions and ask for changes regarding the forum (like asking to ban all mac v.s. pc discussions). it is, most definitly, not the correct place to be discussing the differences between macs and pc, no matter how valid your point may or may not be.

Originally Posted by rohan23 View Post
The thing I find most annoying is the fact that all I hear against Mac's are price. People have no other excuse to hate on them. It's actually pretty funny. Then when I find laptops that cost the same amount which are made with really cheap plastic, they start to bitch about price again. I want a legitimate debate between the two. It's not the cost of a Mac vs. cost of a PC. People piss me off when that's all they talk about.
He talked about him wanting the threads banned and I talked about me wanting a legitimate discussion. Maybe you should stop pointing fingers and take a dose of your own advice. I was never starting an argument, but expressing my opinion on the subject. So, please, STFU.

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Old 01-28-2010, 09:38 AM   #12
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Default Re: Mac vs. PC

firstly of the 430 charecters that you typed in your reply

a mere 44 of them actually answered the original post correctly -or at least in the way in which they had asked for replies to be forumulated. perhaps if you had only said that you wanted legitimate debate rather than childish argument then your post would have had some merit, as it was, 90% of your post was just an mac vs. pc rant, exactly what the OP asked for there not to happen...

for my part I'll do you a favour.
go to the social lounge and start a mac vs. PC thread. I'll heavily moderate anyone who breaks the rules, or who posts unsubstantiated arguments.
and I'll short term ban those that break the rules, step out of order, or resort to mindless name calling or swearing whilst they are failing to get their point across.

if you want reasoned debate then have it. start a thread and set ground rules for discussion within the thread. -it's been a long while since we've had a reasoned and sensible debate about a contentious subject.

I don't see how my post failed, after all I only pointed out the obvious consistencies between what the OP asked for, what the section was for and your post. -but don't bother to tell me how, I don't really care.

Lastly, I believe this is the second time this week you swore directly at me in anger.
if you do it again I'll ban you permanently.

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Default Re: Mac vs. PC

For what it's worth (and deliberately ignoring the above argument) I wouldn't be against an informed, heavily moderated debate on the topic. As I've said previously, I've got nothing against the topic itself, merely the amount of misinformation that always manifests itself from the first few posts onwards!

That said, I do think the moderation would need to be done by at least two people in agreement (if that wasn't the plan already) - that's absolutely nothing against root or any other moderator, but otherwise I can see it possibly turning into an argument over who's point is valid, well backed up or not (and so on).

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