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Default Re: File Mirror?

Me and J03 have sorted some server space/bandwidth out,so i'll start tinkering around with it soon

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Default Re: File Mirror?

Originally Posted by root View Post

I don't get this, really I don't...

Without wanting to sound like a stuck record, what's the point?

There may be some spare bandwidth now, but what about in the future, what if the service is very sucessfull, what if it's used a lot, what if someone uploads images here rather than on photobucket to share them? that could be quite a lot of bandwidth going with no real payback to the site.

I've seen some messages here where people have hosted images on photobucket where they get a smaller graphic saying that the image can't be displayed as their bandwidth had been exceeded, I'm not sure what this limit is, but I do have to ask whether you actually have that much bandwidth to share.

when I say payback to the site what I mean is that the service doesn't drive traffic to the site,

on top of that, you only have to have one person upload questionable/copyright material and the whole site is in trouble.

You may only have to upload an image of a celebrity before you find out that the picture is copyright and the entire site could get taken down.
all it's take is one DMCA letter to the hosting company and the site could get pulled.

and for what?

so we can host images here rather than on photobucket/flickr? which are already fast, with plenty of bandwidth, and completely free as well...

I could see the point of this if it was to host selected things,
like if you were to write an article on "insert your favourite computer activity here" (like video editing/audio editing/building a computer/making a web page/writing a program.

or if some members here made some applications for use by the public and they wanted them hosted here.

but an image host? what is the point?
a host to mirror files found on majorgeeks et all, what's the point? these places already have more than enough mirrors, and you can find the content there across the internet.

The only way I can really see this being a good thing is if it actually drives traffic here, hopefully to increase the userbase, like if we're able to offer unique content that you can't get somewhere else, (or is difficult to find somewhere else). what's the point in just adding a name to the end of a list of mirrors?
You took the words out my mouth... and explained them way better than I would.

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