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Default To David:

I have a legitament complaint about one of your MODs. I will be further discussing this over MSN with you at a later moment. However, I wanted to bring it to the members attention to make it public.

Lurkswithin is seemingly a good MOD. However, he obviously enjoys taking rules into his own views and enforcing them with different directives then originally intended. I posts earlier today, a very lengthy explanation of why AMD is vastly better then Intel is design. I made certain not to break your (David Lindon's) new policy on "Product Flaming", and yet, my post that took me 30 mins to compile data for and another 20 mins or so to type, was quickly editted by Lurkswithin today with a red outline stating that I was editted and to have a nice day:


If I may quote him here:
Originally Posted by lurkswithin
I refer you to the rules as posted by the admin.. Please read the rule number 3.........you have been edited.
Please feel free to reinstate your thoughts when you can abide BY THE RULES....Have a nice day
Now, I DID NOT break the forum rules as stated in LINE 2 by David Lindon, quoted HERE:
Originally Posted by David Lindon
2. 'Advice threads'

'Which should I choose, brand A or brand B' -

brand are not any good, because............

This is acceptable, because it is what is being asked for.
Now, I did provide a BECAUSE area, namely, the 4 paragraphs of scientific data that I supplied from my own knowledge and the Purdue Engineering database. As par rule #2, I have done nothing. So then, the question remains, why was I editted?

THE ANSWER= Lurkswithin is a poor MOD who is performing below what is expected of him, and he himself has become to enthralled with his powers of editting and his own unique preception of the rules, that he has become corrupt as a MODERATOR of this forum, and herein, should be removed or suspended under such actions.

That post took me 30 mins. It was not some blatent INTEL SUCKS thread, it was a 5 paragraph scientifically and business practice ACCURATE thread which took my time and effort.

In another recent occurance, Lurkswithin also made a VERY RUDE assumption about me, of which, I request an IMMEDIATE APOLOGY FROM HIM PERSONALLY.

Quoted HERE:
Originally Posted by lurkswithin
interesting statement.

Basically what it means is that he lives off his dad hard earnings

UNTRUE AND RUDE. UNCALLED FOR. PUNISHABLE. NOT MOD MATERIAL. Lurkswithin is a RUDE MOD, and this was uncalled for. I work hard for my 8.50 an hour at BestBuy dealing with irate customers and enraged housewives in a hurry. I do not need some person who doesn't know one whit about my personal life suggesting that I suckle of the teat of my parents. My father is generous, but that does not mean that I live off his hard earnings...

Once again.... please review this carefully... UNCALLED FOR.
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