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Old 05-05-2005, 03:36 AM   #1
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Default attach image feature?

Hi guys

solitary110 is a member of this forum from Pakistan where he is a 21 year old mod in computer forum there


He and the administrator of that forum, Haris contacted me
using msn im - they are very good communicators, very friendly
they say this forum here is famous worldwide and want to become more involved,
their computer forum in Pakistan very similar to this computer forum and they sometimes look here for help and also can advise with help.

I think they picked me because I am the old guy lol hoping I can influence David, and I use msn im...

solitary110 asks "but no image system i don't know why david didn't put this system"

well I know it is not enabled because it was abused by users here.

They want to be able to communicate in this forum
and can do so by writing on jpegs- here is part of conversation- (urdu is Pakistani language)

well no need any software for reading urdu
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
we just convert it into JPG when we send it to forum
montejr says:
montejr says:
so let me tell him this, now I understand better
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
there is no software to help you read urdu in our site specialy
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
we use some tips for that
montejr says:
yes I know he was having too many people there post jpg way too big file size, also objectionable content so he put restrictions
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
look you seen urdu writing without software am i right?
montejr says:
yes on your forum
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
montejr says:
I get it know, he is thinking language pak so I will tell him no language pak
montejr says:
need to allow jpg again
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
montejr says:
ok we will see
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
just make an option like attechments
montejr says:
yes make an option for you
Abbas (co)Apkafuture.com (co) says:
so we just have to attech files ... no need to write just we write on our jp

It took me while to understand & I been PM'ing David and had him confused (& probly slightly annoyed) about language paks, but I see what they want now!

Here is example in their forum how
they doing this, and they want to be able to do this in this forum.




So I am posting this here hoping you give David positive feedback and you mods maybe assure David you would make sure attach image feature not abused anymore.

What do you all think?

David, yes I guess ability to post attachments is all he needs, am I confused between attachment & add image feature?

David, your email link not working on profile page for me, sent message with contact page, then decided to make this post anyways have a good day.

power to the people
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Old 05-05-2005, 12:58 PM   #2
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Default Re: attach image feature?

yeah we need images system.... as we've in our forums
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