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Default Re: Want to make a server for my home...

Originally Posted by bilbus View Post
10k raptors are not that fast.

I use 15k SAS or SATA 2 Enterprise 7200 drives (non raptors) in all my servers. No one sells raptors for servers. They are desktop / gamer drives.

I have never used a 10k in a server in recent years (other then 2.5 SAS drives that can't do 15k) But i only buy the larger SAS drives.

He does not need more then 10 rpc connections. He does not need to install any server limited software (sql 2005 or exchange)

It just does not pay to buy server or home server.
There are more drives that operate at 10K than just raptor drives. again, I was not talking about raptor drives. Also, WinHomeSrv does have perks:


Otherwise Microsoft wouldn't have made the product if it was no different than XP.

Also, if you would like a pre-built option, HP offers a well-priced media server, $559 after rebate:

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Default Re: Want to make a server for my home...

Id use Debian Linux with Samba, Apache and Webmin. Just set up port forwarding on your router so Apache can access the web. As for the machine, im running a webserver with a pentium 3 500MHz and 256MB of RAM and a 50GB HDD. You'd probably want a p4 as the AMDs run very hot (the server was running one) and a much larger hdd. You can pick up a 500GB 7,200rpm hdd off amazon for about 50 (although it has been said to be unreliable)

Password apache (guide here) for use over the internet and use Samba for sharing files over your home network.

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Old 08-03-2008, 07:30 PM   #13
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Default Re: Want to make a server for my home...

I would use Ubuntu 8.04 with webmin that is what I have
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Default Re: Want to make a server for my home...

He isn't trying to set up a web server. All he is looking for is a way to back up all his files on another computer. Windows Home Server is the way to go. Setting up Samba, Apache, and webmin is all to much for what he needs.


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