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Default System Admin Education

Hello all. Anyone that read one of my previous posts over in the Social Lounge will remember that I have recently decided to persue a career in the computer industry. After a bit of research into the details of different careers, I think I have decided on a career in system administration (hopefully ). I understand the different topics I will need to learn in depth, TCP/IP protocol, routers and switches, different wiring methods, UNIX, Java, etc. My question is, what is the best route to take as far as formal education in this area. I've noticed a lot of job listing are asking for a Bachelors Degree or equivalent education and work experience. What education options would everyone recommend. Should I take the formal 4 year approach to college? Would my time be better spent finishing my studies in a shorter time period at a technical school while working in a job related field? Also, what entry level job positions would be beneficial for me to start looking into in the meantime? Was thinking along the lines of technical service, or even getting a job with a company like The Geek Squad. Again, just to get my feet wet. I'm starting from a very basic level at this point.

And, while I'm at it. Just an update to anyone who may have read my previous post and helped me out with some info. Been to the library and borrowed a ton of text books. Cruising through my catch up work in the maths and sciences, and starting some very basic study into networking systems, and a bit of C++ and UNIX research.

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Default Re: System Admin Education

Focus in a area, you are talking broad. If you want to program learn a programing language like C++. If you want to work in enterprise datacenters learn windows and linux. If you want to work with small and mid buisness learn windows and the microsoft apps.

If you want to learn basic system repair geek squad is great ... they take almost anyone and will give you a chance to learn hands on ... because they dont train you. You will be thrown into the fire and will have to figure things out on your own with your team mates.

I would work on A+ and net +. That is a minimum, unless you have good experince already.

Cant go wrong with a college degree .. its easier to get it now then need it later.

Then i would work on mcsa/mcse or redheat certs (depending on if you want to focus on ms or linux.

Cisco certs are good also

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Default Re: System Admin Education

To be a little bit more specific. I have pretty much ruled out becoming a programmer, however would still like to have some knowledge in this area. The two options I am looking at as far as working towards a career in would be either a UNIX system Administrator or a Network Administrator.

Also, anyone else have any experience with Geek Squad? Thinking this may be a good option to get my feet wet in the basics of the computer industry.
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Default Re: System Admin Education

a+ linux+ network+ are all good qualifications to have.

but they aren't in depth enough to get you great jobs (they are better than nothing though).

a degree will set you up for this job, (and many others) so I'd personally recommend this route (in case you change your mind).

lastly, from what I understand about the "Geek Squad" they aren't a fantastically admin orientated group so much as a user support group for fiing home PC's, i.e. this may do wonders for getting a 1st line type job, but your description of what you want to get into puts you more aiming for 2nd line or 3rd line support, the geek squad won't set you up for this.
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Default Re: System Admin Education

Absolutely go for the degree, and college degree program will get your feet wet with programming as C++ is usually a requirement, as well as VB and Java depending on where you go. Get your A+, Network+, they're not great for guaranteeing a job, but most places list them as requirements and it won't hurt to have them. If you want to get into admin stuff get the Cisco certs as well, starting with the CCNA. If you can get into geek squad, go for it. Any computer related experience will help you in the long run, you can work there while going to school and use it as a stepping stone into level 2 and 3 positions. Also, try helpdesk work, that's a good entry level position also. Just for the experience here's a field most computer people forget about for entry level, restaurant point of sale, that's where I started and now I'm an assistant network admin after only 5 years, and I don't yet have my degree or certs(although I'm working on them for a higher salary). Some good companies in that field are Aloha, Micros, and Xpient. Most have resellers throughout the country that run their own help desk or field support. Also Par and Spartan Computer Services are field service companies contracted to the bigger restaurant chains. And don't forget about the restaurants themselves, a lot of them have their own help desks and IT departments.
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Default Re: System Admin Education


I write here because I decided I make a Windows server 2003 based network at home. I know basics about how to install Windows Xp and Windows server 2003 server. Let me describe the situation I have. I've got a freshly installed PC with Windows server 2003 and 3 Pcs with Windows XP. These machines are connected to the internet by a Wireless Router (a cheap NetGear Wireless router). I've opened the router manager and there are defaults settings. Let me depict them.

- Internet IP Address = Get Dynamically From ISP
- Domain Name Server (DNS) Address = Get Automatically From ISP

So far everything nice and everything works, but I'd like to my server to dealing with DNS and DHCP.

At first I tryed to configure this system without any help. I tryed to find how to enable the BOOTP in the router(Booting Protocol in order to the router let throught the boradcast of the PCs whom looking for a DHCP server) but unfortunatelly I couldn't find it. So I did manually the IPs.
Routerdefault settings if I choose USE Static IP address)

ip subnet mask:

The router asked me for a DNS server Ip address.I gave it to the router.
ip of the DNS: (I didn't know what address I should give)

I set up the server IPs and DNS same as the router except I increased the ip address by 1. I mean ip: The rest of the settings are same.
I repeated this settings on the XPs. ip: 77.100.244.(previoues+1).
After I've done this I installed DHCP and DNS on the server. The installation was fine, but my network didn't work, so I put back everything to default settings.

Please help me to sort out this situation. I would really appreciate it. I hope I wrote down correctly.

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Default Re: System Admin Education

I think that the Subnet Mask is wrong - It should be

I might be wrong. I'd ask DJ-CHRIS, He's an expert
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Default Re: System Admin Education

Originally Posted by J03 View Post
I think that the Subnet Mask is wrong - It should be

I might be wrong. I'd ask DJ-CHRIS, He's an expert
As far as I am aware its usually

On topic, a degree can never do you wrong, and most jobs require one. Have you tried looking with Google for jobs? They are usually looking for sys admins, programmers etc, but you need to have some exeperience, which chould be a problem. You can set up your own web server to prove you have experience, but it would have to be a UNIX one, as that it usually what most large organisations work on.

Failiure is not an option... it comes bundled with Windows.
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