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Default Simple Name Server Question

Ok i just setup appache on a home computer, running linux... (no dont flame me for setting it up at home just help me)

I own a domain name on www.godaddy.com (my registrar) and dont have any sites hosting with it, so i wanted to make it so when people type it in, it goes to the files on my server at home... How do i do this? I tried pointing the Nameservers to my IP and that did nto work...

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Default Re: Simple Name Server Question

the name servers aer the DNS servers for the address.

each domain name has a start of authoriy, that start of authority is where computers are sent to find out where the site is.

you can point the name to your own server, (I do this with my domain names registered through one and one)...

I suggest that you do it like this.

go to www.no-ip.com and select and register a free dynamic DNS name (the important bit is that it's dynamic, incause your IP address changes so that updates everything else.

lets say you get recon16.no-ip.com

now turn on the wildcard setting allowing any subdomain,

on godaddys config pannel point your name servers to

now install a dns server on our machine and add the domain names that you own to it. pointing the address for those domain names as your own hostname/ip.

Now when a request to your site is made you will have your own hostname specify the addres that they are sent to. (your computer).

and in the event that you restart your connection and are assigned a different IP, your dynamic DNS client from no-ip.com will automatically update the first bit, and your DN server will take care of the rest...

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Default Re: Simple Name Server Question

You can do that, or sign up at afraid.org, change your domain's nameservers to the following:


and then login to your afraid.org account, add the domain name there, and point it towards your IP.
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