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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

Well the main reason I use this is I work for a consulting company and when we take over a company the structure is really bad and we have to go through and clean iti up. Now what i use my virtualization for is testing purposes. I do a lot of testing with GPO's and GPP and I like to see how they are going to effect things so I join a virtual machine to the network and do all my testing through that, that way i do not have to leave my machine in order to test my policies.

We also use virtualized servers as well seeing that we can hold mulitple server's on on physical server and if we need to bring up a new server it takes a matter of 45 minutes to do it. If the server goes down we can roll back to the snap shot that is taken of the machine and restore from backup. It is one of the best things that i think is out there.

I use it as well and i do not believe that you can actually boot a physical drive with it

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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

Originally Posted by j03 View Post
You can, cant you? :S

Ah, im thinking of using the entire hard disk as a disk image, not using a hard disk a drive in it's self... if you see what I mean!
Unfourtunetly you cant otherwise it'd make it SO much easier to fix people's PC

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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

Virtualization is awesome in a business setting. Lets you buy one beefy server and turn around and have 4 or 5 running. Plus lets you set up dedicated servers for each of your needs. A virtual web-server, a virtual print server, a virtual file server -- all located on one physical server. Managing them is also much easier.
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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

I like VirtualBox, its great. Plus its a free program. Its easy to customize, and it doesn't use a lot of resources.
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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

I love VMware and even MS virtual server. Its great for getting around compatibility issues.

Nothing like backing up your PC by making a copy of a folder
In a work environment it will let you leverage all of you computer hardware instead of sitting idle. If your server dies and your on shared storage its simple to just move the VM to another server and your back up. We can migrate a VM to another hose and only loose one ping.
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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

I love virtualizing! I used to mostly dual boot, but there really are many more advantages to vms if you have a capable machine. I have a custom computer with a core i7 and 12gb of ram. as you can imagine VMs run like a dream. I have mac osx installed on the computer but i have virtualizations of windows 7, xp, ubuntu, windows 2000, and others. VMware for mac is VMfusion, its quite easy to use. You have full control over what drives are connected to the virtual machine and how many cores/ram goes to the virtualization.

I design SCADA systems and program plcs for city water plants, and having such versatile options is very helpful, especially in the field when trying to connect to devices. The only problem I have ever had was on a client's macbook. VMfusion for some reason couldnt see the cd drive, no matter how i configured the settings. Other than that, i love them!
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Default Re: How many fans do we have a virtualization

Originally Posted by frank2085 View Post
Ok guys,

I want to see how many fans of virtualization we have in here. I want to know what you think is the best program to use for virtualization and what you think the best part of it is.

I am a huge fan of vmware but i currently use sun virtualbox because its free. I currently have 3 virtual machines a win7 windows xp and a server 08 box. So i guess you can say a have a virtual domain cause i have everything joined to my virtual domain and i am currently using GPP's to lock everything down.

I would like you hear what yall think
no used virtual box.

VMware player is free though
VMware server is free.
and VMware esxi is free.
it's only the ESX server (not ESXi) that you have to pay for if I recall correctly, and the limitations are really only things that you'd be using for proper business use, not testing updates and stuff, but running virtualised infrastructure.
if I remember correctly you can't live migrate machine in ESXi, (only full ESX) and you can't use shared storage between different nodes. (which is probably why you can't live migrate). but lets face it, who here is running kit that needs five nines of availability?

basically the stuff that most home users, (and even a lot of business) need is free from VMware. the kind of stuff that big businesses need is the stuff that they make you pay for.

Originally Posted by Disenchanterx View Post
Your right, you can not edit them. Vmware player does not seem to be dynamic at all. Well at least I cannot figure it out.
I think that a new much more featured version of vmware player must have just come out, I've got vmware server on my computer since the player is so limited, but a collegue downloaded it last week and it seems to do everything that he wants to.

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