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Default Estimated server costs

I hope this is not in the wrong section as I need help. I need an estimated cost of a small data center. I know I might be asking for a lot here. This is for a school project and I am not in the IT field so please bear with me. This is a small IT startup with global reach. I need to have a website that would link customers together, based on my database of customers, roughly 4,000. I would need to have redundancy and a backup plan. I also have approximately 6-8 programmers’ full time, a marketing analyst and a few others. I am using my own floor space for the servers. This is an 18 month project. Would $3.4 million do the trick? Would I be looking at more or less? I do not have to have the fastest/latest and greatest. I hope someone can help I need info soon as the school project is due soon.


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Default Re: Estimated server costs

3 mill?

umm ya ... i was thinking like 200k or so

If doing windows,

Two SQL servers + ISCSI SAN for database backend - 50k
Three or four frontend web servers - 25k
2 Switches - 6k
2x A/P Security appliences - 10k
APC Symetra - 20k
Cooling - 20k
Backup Generator - 50k
LTO3 autoloader Tape backup - 5k
Metro Ethernet Internet - 54k (3k * 18)
2 Racks 1k

Thats as much as i can think of, but sounds like you should have not put off your work.

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Default Re: Estimated server costs

^^ You forgot to take employees into account. I don't know what all you have but even at 60000/year for the programmers is between $360,000 - 480000, then tack on another 60k or so for the marketing analyst (I'm just throwing out numbers, the programmer one might be kind of a close, it's about what I make, but I'm not in a large city so they might make a bit more/ a lot more depending on work experience and cost of living). Then add it the above and your still under a mil.
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Default Re: Estimated server costs

ok... ... ...

that's quite a big ask.

if it's a project then you're going to need to (in your report) cite where you got the figures from.
literally go to dells website and see how much their servers cost

ontop of bilbus's list, don't forget some backup software, something like backup exec/netbackup/arcserve etc

for server prices check www.dell.com
for most hardware/software you can check on www.dabs.com

your backup generator will be something that you'll have to find out yourself, I don;t even think I'd know where you;d look for something like this.

and check commercial air conditioner websites for the cost of the cooling,

for extra marks don't forget to increase the budget of each big ticket item, (like generator/cooling/racks) and add words like contingency. in case of installation delays, unforeseen circumstances.

oh, and check on monster jobs for an idea of salaries for your employees.

don't forget that you'll need in your coding team.

project manager x1
technical lead x1
programming team x however many you need
marketing analyst x however many you need (1?)
tester x however many you need (1?)
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Default Re: Estimated server costs

ah good point forgot ppl ..
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