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Default Dynamic IP...so what?

I am a newb to this webserver stuff, I have decided to go with apache on a windows 2000 OS. I am running behind a Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router. This webserver will be hard wired into the router. I have a comcast cable modem, and was wondering if the whole dynamic ip vs static ip debacle applies to me. I am just going to be hosting a couple low traffic sites, and from what I understand cable modems rarely change ip addresses wven though they can because they are static. What should I do, I have looked into those free online dns redirection sites such as no-ip.com, but it seems like they are complicated and want you to put "YOURdomainNAME.no-ip.com" which I think is stupid if I am paying for my own domain name already. Please help, I am very interested in this subject.


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Default Re: Dynamic IP...so what?

Yes, it is likely that the whole static/dynamic address thing will affect you, if your modem is diconnected for any reason, (including possible automatic firmware updating).

You can register domains (or even transfer domains) with dynamic DNS providers, but these tend to cost more.

using No-ip needn't be complicated. and you can use your existing domain name

you simply register with your email address, make a domain, and turn on wild cards.

install a dns server on your webserver, and point the DNS records for your domain you purchased to your no-ip address,

so the name servers are ns1.godfather.no-ip.com and ns2.godfather.no-ip.com

then you set your DNS server (which comes with windows 2000).
enter your domain name as the root, then add alias records for your domain and subdomains to point at your no-ip address,

that way you can register as many subdomains as you like (because you are the root authority for your DNS), your full domain name (that you paid for) is effectivly dynamic and it's dynamic for free, (rather that 10 times the cost of a normal domain that it costs to get dynamic dns on a proper domain name).

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Default Re: Dynamic IP...so what?

Better check your comcast TOS (Terms Of Service) web servers are strictly prohibited, unless you have a "business" package.
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Default Re: Dynamic IP...so what?

You could try www.sitelutions.com. They will let you use your domain name as a dynamic dns for free, and they provide update clients, you just need to put your domain name on their nameservers.
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Default Re: Dynamic IP...so what?

on comcast there is a away you can still run a server what you would use instead of port 80 u use port 81 read this: http://www.dslwebserver.com/
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