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Default What languages for what?

What programing languages are used for what purposes? I have a couple books (HTML, True Basic, and Javascript, C++) but I have no idea what they are useful for (besides HTML).

Also which language would be good to start on and where could I learn more about it?

Thats a lot of noobish questions but hey, guess you gotta start somewhere.

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well obviously HTML is used for making websites. (and is also used to make the pages of .chm help files)

Javascript is used for making client side active pages.

ASP, coldfusion, PHP and PERL are used for making server side active pages.

PHP and PERL can also be used for making scripts, (Like batch files)

batch files are used to run multiple task and selections.

macromedia action script files can be used in flash files (I think) for either server side, or client side

Visual basic is used mostly for business applications.

C is mainly used for small applications such as low level opperations, (network / maths etc...)
whilst C++ is used mostly for window aplications, and games (note I say window and not windows since C++ is used for programming in Linux as well), there is a saying that there is nothing that can be done in C that can't be done in C++, however that doen't necessarily mean that c++ is the best tool for the job all the time.

vbs (visual basic script) is used from scripting (like logon scripts) but can also have windows elements and call other procedures such as microsoft agents in help files...

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Default Re: What languages for what?

html is a document language used for formatting documents.

c/c++/java/etc are programming languages used to make programs.
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