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Default Visual Basic.NET

I need help with a project using VB.NET.

In this program I havel create a “database” of information that a user may add to, edit, search and delete from. Choose a subject, such as a music catalog or game stats. I have to create a structure to store four different fields for each record (i.e. music title, artist, genre, location). Data should be displayed in sorted order in a listbox on the form and have a maximum of 20 records.

My program will need to have the following functions: add, search, edit, delete, save. It needs to use an array to store the data while working with it. I will need to save the data in a file. When the program starts, it should look for the file and load it into the array if it exists. It will need to write the updated data back to the file after the user is done.

Problem is, I only know enough to get the "Add" part done, and that's not even getting the information to an array!

Describing my form is simple enough...

Four list boxes (lstArtist, lstSongTitle, lstAlbum, lstGenre)
Above those four list boxes are buttons (Artist, Song Title, Album, Genre) clicking each of those is supposed to sort the listboxes respectively (i.e., clicking Artist would sort the listboxes with the Artist box being in alphabetical order)

There are textboxes beneath each list box, but again, adding the information is not the problem.

The buttons on the side, in order from top to bottom: Add, Search, Edit, Delete, Save, Help, and Exit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Visual Basic.NET

why don't you use a gridview control? If you created a database, then create a table in the database called categories:
category_id int primary key,
category_name varchar(25) not null

then add some records:
1 Artist
2 Song Title
3 Album
4 Genre

then, make 1 list that gets those values from the database, then have a gridview control that updates based on the category they picked from the list, and as for updating a file... do you mean to update the database? or create a "File" object and literally write a text file(which doesn't seem to make any sort of sense to me)?
I can go more in detail if you like on how to do this.
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