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Default using a parallel port

i want to setup a circuit that will use push buttons to read voltages through the parallel port. does anyone know how to do this? i've got the dll and some code written but im not sure how to get it to read incoming and then display a voltage. im trying to do this through visual basic. also i would like to be able to use those voltages as a way of varying RGB on screen. basically this is what im given.

read the voltage state of a push button or switch through the parallel port. a minimum of 3 buttons should be used.
use the push buttons to adjust the RGB colors of the comp screen
Use an 8 pin dip switch to turn the voltages of each switch to on and off. read the input from the dip switch to the computer screen.

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Default Re: using a parallel port

there are no a-d converters in the parallel port.

you'll need to build an A-D converter which you can then plug into your parallel port.

this could be done in 2 ways.

either a simple op-amp comparator this will however limit your range of voltage you can read to 8 steps.

or you could use a converter that you could buy.

or program your own converter using PIC chips.

or use a large op-amp circuit with a lot of logic circuits after it to make a proper 8 bit A-D converter this will give you 256 steps in your readings.

Personally however, I think that if you are going to do this then the best way is to buy or make a thing to read the voltage and transform the analogue signal (voltage) into a binary data signal.

you'll find most of these shop bought ones will use a serial link rather than a parallel link as parallel ports are getting rarer and rarer now!

also using the serial port in VB is easier than using the parallel.
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