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Default TSV/CSV Database

So I am not looking for an actual script (I can make that myself), but just an idea for how this task should be completed.

There are 10+ TSV files (tab separated value files). I can probably convert them to CSV if needed using a simple script.

Each TSV file has about 10,000 lines.

Each TSV file has 4 columns: name, city, ID, and filepath.

Each ID number has a .tif image file associated with it. So if the ID in the spreadsheet is 123456, there is a .tif image named 123456.tif located in the images folder.

The filepath is the same for everything, it just points to the images folder.

Now the task here is to make all of these images easily findable by "normal" people so they can simply insert a name/id/city in to some kind of interface OR navigate to sub categories and find the corresponding lines along with a link to the image for those lines. This would be local, not through a web server; however, HTML is an option.

I was thinking of just compiling them all in to one big spreadsheet, then using OpenOffice's/Excel's hyperlink feature to create a link to the image.

Do you think this would be sufficient enough? I have heard there are upwards of 300,000 lines and well over 10gb of data, so linking each line by hand is not an option.

If there is an automated way to do it, I would love to have some kind of HTML page(s) with a list of these lines (alphabetically?) that contains a link to the corresponding image. Searchable would be nice too, but I think that would require a web server.

The biggest thing here is finding the best way to manage each line of the files so that a user can click a link and bring up the image.

Any ideas or further questions?
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