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Default Tapi

For anyone out there willing to help, much much thanks in advanced.

Ok here goes. I am developing new code based off of this class that I found online; you can find it here . However, the problem is that I cannot figure out how to load lines based on the type of device. This class as of now, scans the computer to find all TAPI complient communication devices installed on the computer. However I want it to just load the type of devices that are of the type LINEMEDIAMODE_DATAMODEM [ a datamodem ]. If you have run into this problem before please let me know what you did to solve it or help me figure it out. Thanks once again.


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Default Re: Tapi

i can't figure out which you are refering to from your link.

it looks like your class does only part of what you need. you can take the list of all TAPI devices and loop through it to find which one has the type you are looking for.

TAPI 2.2 reference is here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/de..._reference.asp

may be that might have somewhere the function calls you need.

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But how do you loop through the devices, I cannot find the array that they are stored in or anything. It seems like they are all listed in one instance of the class CvbTAPIline. If I can find how they are stored, [as in an array or what have you] then it would be easy, however I cannot seem to find where the list of devices are stored. Thanks once again for your help, this is bothering the piss out of me.

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