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Default Re: Are scripting languages harder for an Ametuer for a first programming experience?

Originally Posted by root View Post
What I would say though is that it's wrong to say that scripting languages are bad because of this. they just aren't.
this was my point. the end result is qualified by asking the question: "does your app solve the problem?". I'm sure you know this, but I'm pointing this out for any interested 3rd party. If the answer is "yes", than who cares what you wrote it in (to a degree).

Originally Posted by root View Post
Sloppy coders will be sloppy coders, forcing them to declare variables is only going to improve a single part of their work. the rest of it is still likely to be horrible to debug.

Originally Posted by root View Post
as for searching through hundreds, or thousands of lines, I agree, a pain, but that's why there are search tools available.
I mean you're still going to need to find where the variable is assigned a value if there is a problem with the value. so you'll still be searching the same code.
true, but it just makes it that much more difficult.

Originally Posted by root View Post
people that say I need to learn C++ so I can write games are (in my experience) destined to never learn either how to write games, or learn C++.
great point! Love it and some rep your way!

Originally Posted by root View Post
they are the ones who are wise enough to break down a huge subject into manageable chunks.
and this is the key to software engineering.

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