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Default Question about blending Pictures (Urgent)

Well, I was wonderin if it was possible to add pictures together by their value. What I mean is this. Take these 2 pictures.

Ok, look at the first map. You can see a key on the bottom..The light green is like 50 value. Ok, say I wanna merge these map values together, and create one map, but with my own colored values...So it says 50 is light green, and the second map yellow = 60..So say its green over Texas on the first map, and yellow over texas on the second map..That adds to 50 + 60 = 110 value.. so say those create a whole new map, where from 100-120 is orange. Since the 2 maps merged, it became the third map with an orange color..So im asking if theres a way to merge maps together, add them, and then it comes out one map, on value key colors I design...Or is this antoher programming langauge? Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Even if you could do it - which would neither be easy or cheap in processing power and time - you couldn't have the values on, or the lines, they would have to be taken off and put on afterwards. As to how to do it - I seriously don't know. Merging is one thing, colour changing with it is another - but organising your own colour scheme according to the mixed colour that comes out is just plain hard.

Why would you want to?

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Default Re: Question about blending Pictures (Urgent)

Mainly would want to ,developing a new weather model. I hasve figures and formulas I do by hand, but would like to figure to do it over computer.
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