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Default Programing language?

Hello guys...!
What is your favorite programing language...?
I am new here and i want to start programing.....so whats programing language is the best in start.....? Thanks in advance....!
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Default Re: Programing language?

I suppose the question is what do you want to be programming? Making websites? Making Games?

Generally I think the consensus is that C / C++ is a decent start, a fairly mid range (not too difficult, not the easiest - lets you do general things) language to learn. Java is pretty mainstream but is 'vaster' and takes a lot longer to learn..

Also Honourable mentions to HTML (and XHTML TO keep up to date) combined with CSS.

Read through the forums, pick up a few books and have a play.

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Default Re: Programing language?

If you know what direction you are heading in, in other words, what kind of programs you want to write, then you might head off into that community and find out what languages they prefer.
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Default Re: Programing language?

I think visual basic is a good programming language to start off, specially in making simple programs....
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Old 02-04-2011, 05:20 AM   #5
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Default Re: Programing language?

Don't get me started on VB...

Devyn, have a look here. It should give you some ideas as to what language is best to start off with.
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Default Re: Programing language?

Oh VB... So.... crappy... I started off with Q-BASIC then went to VB in school where I developed so many bad habits. It was actually harder for me to learn Java after that because I had to fight all the bad habits first. Not fun.

Otherwise, berry's list is very good. C++, C# or Java are all good places to start.
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Default Re: Programing language?

C or C++ is a good start!

Good luck!

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