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Old 07-23-2004, 12:45 AM   #1
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Unhappy Please Help soon! I want a MSN Chat bot..;_;

hi, umm; I'm just a girl that REALLY wants a MSN Messenger Chat bot, I see other people with the dice rolling thing, Ya know where it rolls dice and stuff.

I want a Chat bot; So if i type /Drinks it gives me a wide list of different drinks. Then when i see which drink such as /beer it says something like "The bartender places the drink on the counter infront of Customer"
and such; But me being able to add stuff to it as i want.. but on MSN Messenger.. Not in the chat rooms -.- where you have to pay.... -grumbles-.. I'm a roleplayer and i wanna use the Chat bot to widen my Roleplaying ability in MSN ^_^! If anybody can help me SOON! Please do! tommorow i got a big Rp to do with my friends, and i wanna make a Bartender and such; But i dont wanna start a script from the start! Thats like giving me a gun and telling me not to shoot! X_X! I can't make one, It's tooo hard! It's just.. eek.. I tried Python and Perl or what ever ;_; And i SUCK at it badly... i really do... I'm not a person that would sit down and read and read and read ._." well..sept if i'm rping...then i will lol ^_^! So if anybody can help a girl in need! Email me (Please email me, because i can't check the form every 5 minutes) sweetangels4@hotmail.com

Thank you if anybody can help me!! I'm on MSN Now.. BYE!! -waves-

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Old 07-23-2004, 01:08 AM   #2
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Default Re: Please Help soon! I want a MSN Chat bot..;_;

i wrote a msn bot....

well it was a jabber bot, but as ive said before (here?) jabber users can msg/bemsged by msn/yim/aim users.

it wasnt too hard, i made my bot a hotmail account, and a jabber account.
then added a msn gateway to my bots jabber contact list and it was away

i used the jabberpy library, which came with a very simple example client, which i hacked - now you control what msuc im lsitening too by messaging it
(which turns out pointless since im the only one who cares what im listening too..but nevermind :x)

it was pretty easy i must say

though you seem to dislike msn for cutting its chatrooms, why dont you just use irc instead? (you can still talk you your msn friends if you connect to irc://im.bitlbee.org)

irc has no shortage of pointless bots.

(i...suppose you could code a native msn bot, but this sounds harder, does msn publish its protocol? you may be best off using a hacked gaim - but then i dont think you know C? :\)

see, ircs the easiest - ^_^.

random saying: "msn's for the people who couldnt work irc out"

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Old 07-23-2004, 04:45 AM   #3
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Uhh; Headach.. ._." I just wanna have a script thing that i can bring into a Conversation; And that will talk when i say Drinks or something; So me and my friends can have a Decent rp that seems more real; Ya know? mm, And i have NO clue what you said ^^;; I'm a visual learner; Only pictures or being shown irl will i ever understand XD
So yeah.... Reading gets me no-where; For some reason ._.' I hate it but thats how life is..

but yeah ^^; soo... If anybody can help me with my problem, Thanks again. (And email me, It was surpizing i had time to check the fourms)
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