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Default Page Source

We were taking some online agriculture test and I was wondering if you could tell what the answer would be by looking at the code. It's a test where if you choose the right answer it goes to the next question but if you get it wrong it re-displays the question but has incorrect at the top. I was just curious because I can't read Java. I can program some C++. I don't know. If someone wants to look at the page source I can send it to them and tell them the answer, which I already know. If you can that would be cool but if not whatever. I was just curious.

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Default Re: Page Source

it depends. java programs that you run are in bytecode which means they are "partially compiled." this also means almost no one can understand them just looking at the bytecode classes themselves. however, if you have links to the java source files than anyone can help you

if you want, send me the link via pm and i'll take a look.

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Default Re: Page Source

you don't need the source files. all you need is the program itself and you can always decompile it. it's unlikely they have source code sitting on a http server.
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