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Default .net

Hi every body

what is the different between
1- VB and VB.net
2- asp and asp.net
3- c++ and c

Thank you

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Default Re: .net

Well c and c++ are two very closely related programming languages. If you know one, its pretty easy to learn the other. Not sure about the other two though.

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Default Re: .net

ASP.net is derived from asp, but asp.net can be written in 2 languages, C# or basic. vb.net is asp.net using Visual Basic, cs.net is asp.net using Visual C#
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Default Re: .net

The difference between VB and VB.NET is that VB.NET is built upon the .NET framework. I would say .NET is the way to go. In the old days C/C++ was MUCH more powerful then VB. However with the .NET framework VB.NET and C# (also built on the framework) are basically equally as power, as is any language that uses the framework; ASP.NET, C++/CLI, C#, VB.NET, J# (Java.NET), etc.

Since I've been rambling on about the .NET framework I'll give you a little intro to it. Back in the day when you wrote a program in VB or C, it would be compiled directly into machine code, and when you ran the program it would execute the machine code. With the .NET framework when you compile a program ALL language (C#, C++, VB.NET, etc.) are compiled into what is know as Common Intermediate Language (CLI). This is why all the .NET languages are pretty much equal. When you run the program the Common Language Runtime (CLR) execute the CLI bytecode. There are advantages and disadvantages to this process, but in my opinion the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages; this such as memory management, security, garbage collection, etc.

Hope this helps clarify this somewhat.
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