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Question Need Help Please!

Hi, Im new and I apoligize if this is in the wrong section.
My brother last month brought a computer home from school that was givin to him by the consdodiant, today for the first time we plugged it in to try it out and we got stuck at the login screen my brother tryed his school user and pass login info but that did not work, Also it's not windows login its Novell Client 4.91 SP3 for windows how do we login Ive been at this computer for hours now Ive tried those F2, Alt delete things and that doesnt work. BTW, I dont know nothing about computers Im a noob when it comes to that. Is there a way to get in without knowing the user and pass, Or is the computer useless?
Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Need Help Please!

This belongs in the Computer Hardware and Software part of the forums but I'll try to help you here until it gets moved. No, the computer is not useless. As far as the Novell Client goes, yeah, I'd get rid of that. If you plan on using the computer at home, you have no use for it. I would reformat the computer so you just clear all the memory and crap that students put in it. To do this, you're going to need a Windows XP Home, Pro, or Windows Vista CD. If you have one, you can use it, else, you might have to buy one. Once you have the CD, check back here and I'll tell you what to do next.

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Default Re: Need Help Please!

Just to let you know Joga, this was also posted in the Operating Systems forum, and is being worked on. Here is the link to it: http://computerforums.org/showthread...512#post776512
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Default Re: Need Help Please!

since tis has been asked in the OS forum as well I'll close this thread
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