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Default Looking For Advice About a Career in Programming

Howdy all,
I'm at the totally awesome (/sarcasm) stage in life where I need to be deciding what college to go to, what to go there for, and what life after high school will be like for me.

You can probably skip down to the question if you want to avoid the slight wall of text to come.

I had previously been considering going into a career in music recording/producing, but came to a realization that wouldn't the best thing to get a major in for various reasons.
That's slightly irrelevant though.

It was suggested to me that I maybe get a degree in soemthing that could be applied to an aspect of music if I was so inclined, but could also be applied in other areas. Hence the interest in computer programming.

When this was mentioned to me it kind of clicked...I use the computer everyday for at least a couple hours.

I play MMOs and games like crysis and dead space and fallout, email, go on forums, talk to friends w/ ventrilo and AIM...As far as general use goes I'd say I'm very competent at least.

I've enrolled in a course in Computer science at my school for the fall semester of next (my senior) year and if that goes well I'll be taking another programming course in the spring...

My question is this:

*Can anyone tell me what hidden "horrors" or just unpleasant things could be expected?
*What colleges should I be looking at?

Note: I have taken and gotten A's in algebra, algebra 2, geometry, pre-calc, and will be taking calc next year. (I read that being proficient in math is necessary)

I mean I've started reading a book on C++...and the course I'm taking this fall deals with Java mostly...I think I would be most interesting in game design...but at this point creating anything would be cool.

I just want to get a better idea of what I'm jumping into here. From anything I've read it sounds like it would be an interesting career, but I wanted to ask others who may have experience in the field.

I appreciate any replies

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Default Re: Looking For Advice About a Career in Programming

I'm going to major in Computer engineering next year. Reason being is that its broad. and you don't want to be specialized in only one area. Computer engineering teaches you computer programming, hardware, and networking.
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