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Default Learning a language

I'm looking at a long and boring summer before I go off to college to major in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in computer science. Assuming I already have a job, would learning a computer language be a worthwhile use of my time?

If so, would Java be a good idea, or would another language end up more useful in the long run? I have plenty of experience with TI Basic, if that even counts.

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Default Re: Learning a language

That all depends. If you learn one lanugage, you pretty much know the logic and the basic syntax to the others, barring minor differences. If you were looking to get a head start before college, then I would say definately two thumbs up. Most of the beginning courses will be about logic, so learning the basics of one language would be enough to teach you the flow of a program. I love programming, and it makes me $$$. I can't speak for others, but most people program because they like/love it. Don't know many people who hate it and still do it.
Java has very powerful web applications, but once you get into very lengthy complex java applications, it can be slower than others. Java is good if you like order, your curly braces and case sensitivity. Other languages might help you more if you aren't really interested in web applications. Microsoft Visual Basic is very very similar to the TI-82+ Version of Basic, with a little more sophistication.

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Default Re: Learning a language

YES! I know from experience that taking the time learn as much as you can about programming before you head off to college will benefit you greatly.

Java is good language to learn as is C or C++.
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Default Re: Learning a language

I'd say learning a computer programming language is definitely worth the time and effort. If you're just starting out I'd say java is a great language to expirement and play around with so you can learn the basic logic and syntax of programming. Another language, and my personal favorite is VB.NET, I'd recommend learning that one because it's pretty powerful and it's simple yet complex at the same time if that makes any sense. I also like the fact that it has a bin folder with executable files that you can run without opening the IDE.
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Default Re: Learning a language

Well, you can only get so far ahead. Eventually you'll be at the same place as everyone else. Sure your 101 courses would be simple.

Almost any field can complement each other. If you're asking will you use programming / computer science with your Aerospace engineering, possibly. The thing about engineering is they're all very closely tied together. If it'll benefit you or not is really up to you, but I'd say it most likely will.
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Default Re: Learning a language

if you wan't to learn a programming language i suggest Liberty BASIC because it is easy, small in file size, and cheap. if you don't want to pay i suggest using Just BASIC because it is Liberty BASIC with fewer commands. Just BASIC is made by the same person who made Liberty BASIC.
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Default Re: Learning a language

Originally Posted by ultrarob
with a minor in computer science.
Haven't you been taught a programming language already, then?

Learning something might be a personal achievement for you, though. You might find yourself enjoying it and it might become a hobby or something.

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