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Default Java learning aids


I am trying to learn java for the first time ever, but I have no previous experience in other programming languages, which means really that I am also trying to learn programming for the first time ever at the same time!

Can anyone recommend anything on the web, or any book or learning aid which you could cite as particularly beneficial for learning java from the very beginnning steadily up to a high level in a way that those who have not already learned a programming language can follow?

Thank you very much.

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Default Re: Java learning aids

book is cheap, good for starters and has images. otherwise the java api is probably the place to go, although it's a little hard to navigate
or, you can always post here about a specific problem.

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Default Re: Java learning aids

another thing i recomend is starting off with a much simpler programming language. Just BASIC is a free one and it is the most simple one i have seen. Also if you need more power then Just BASIC's "older brother", Liberty BASIC, is cheap and is much more powerfull. The forums are:
and for Liberty BASIC

(note to mods: sorry if i was not supposed to post these links. I DO NOT own these programming languages.)

For more info google it!
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Default Re: Java learning aids

There is a sticky thread by me just above this one that directly answers this question (and the same question for C++) with detail and a wide range of resources.


Being as it was written a long time ago the versions of Java that you need to download have obviously been updated by now but the principal of everything is the same.

Having completed several units on Java in the first and second years of my degree I would also add to that post to say a good book on Data Structures and Algorithms (in Java) is essential if you plan to teach yourself. It will explain the reason why everything is done not just how to do it. (Teach you to program, regardless of language). For this I recommend "Data Structures and Algorithms in Java 4th edition" by Goodrich and Tamassia.
(It is much cheaper in the UK - I am unsure where you are.)
Hope that is beneficial too you.
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