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Default Re: Id like to learn to program games

Originally Posted by Eyes0nly
Get yourself flash and learn actionscript very easy to learn and can become pretty powerful when used in the right way.
flash.....actionscript are these programs if so could you mention the full names i am also intrested in programming

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Default Re: Id like to learn to program games

flash isnt a good way to start making games.. makes you think you can make games and such.. but your limited to crapp web based games, anyone can learn flash! Do it the PROGRAMMING WAY!
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Flash isn't THAT bad for games... true, it will give people the idea that they have more power than they do, and it has its limitations... but at least it allows a newbie to program SOMETHING tangible within months, and it might not be a bad place to start to learn some fundamentals (like collision detection, etc.) which can be applied later. "Flash MX Actionscript for Fun & Games" is a good book to start with. Of course, you have to pay $$$$$ for the interface. The price of Flash just keeps increasing version by version. An old version can probably be bought cheaply via online auction, though.

Flying into C or C# or C++ will probably just be frustrating if what you want to do is just program a game to start out with. C++ has a MASSIVE learning curve, especially for gaming. It's probably best to go simple at first, then work your way up into more and more complex things. It takes a lotta time. Remember too that most modern 3D world-type games have teams of programmers working on them. One programmer doing all the work would take years to crank out something really sophisticated.
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Default Re: Id like to learn to program games

Not really. If you get a good and fairly easy to use 3D engine like irrlicht then its not that difficult. I wouldn't recommend Flash cos the end result won't be worth it. It's better to learn C/C++. It'll be worth it.
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Default Re: Id like to learn to program games

I never said to stay with flash I think it's a good way to get the simple fundamentals of making games, and actionscript is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. If you have never programmed before actionscript can be picked up no worries. One of my sisters friends is a head programmer for a gaming company and he told me to learn C before C++ and recommended C & C++ in 24 hours were good books.

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