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Default HyTech setup (Model check/model verification software)


Im trying to install Hytech in a computer. I need to run it under Cygwin. After setting up the Makefile-gmake to the right system, lexical analyzer, compilers, etc. I executed the "make -f Makefile-gmake" instruction. The following output came up:

make -f Makefile-gmake */ i typed this line
flex -l hytech.l */ this was the first that came out
bison -y -d hytech.y
hytech.y:115.16:warning:stray, , treated has white space
hytech.y:115.22:warning:stray, , treated has white space
hytech.y:503.10:syntax error, unexpected "|"
hytech.y:517.10:syntax error, unexpected "|"
make:***[y.tab.h] Error 1

following the README file I found that most common error (the only that is documented) was a type mismatch that could be fixed by setting the system, lexical analycer, parser, etc. I did all that and tried "flex" and "flex -l". Didn't work.
After some help and research i found "make:***[y.tab.h] Error 1" could be related to using bison instead of yacc. Didn't get to far, i even tried byacc and cmake to see what was the result even though i wasn't sure what to expect, didnt work. I know that "***" means fatal error but, I have no clue where/what could it be. What I know is those characters are (hytech.y) there but dont think that is the problem some how i'm messing up and something is not recognizing those characters...
Any ideas, comments, things to try? By the way, is there a way to debug a makefile, you know to go step by step to see where it gets stuck?

this is what i have:
cygwin 1.5.12-1
bison 20030307-1
flex 2.5.4a-3
gcc 3.4.1-1
gcc-core 3.4.1-1
gcc-g++ 3.4.1-1
make 3.80-1
Windows 2000 SP 4


Juan Fuentes
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