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Default How's this for an approach to a career in programming?

I'm trying to break back into programming after 12 years away. I was a programmer for only about 4 years but I was good at it. I coded mostly in C and Pascal.

I have no degree in computer science but I have a 20 year old four-year engineering degree. People have suggested I go back to school. I'm middle aged and I don't have time for a four- or even two-year degree.

Some have suggested an accelerated one-year associates degree. I've looked into that at both colleges and tech schools, but the programs seem to be surprisingly low level with a lot of non-computer courses even at the tech schools.

The Microsoft certifications seem much more to the point, but I'm told there's not much to them and they're not taken very seriously by employers.

And of course I have no recent work experience in the industry.

But maybe my old engineering degree (and maybe even my old work experience) mean SOMETHING to employers, and if I study hard for 6 to 12 months and can get some ADVANCED Microsoft certifications, maybe I can get a lousy, entry-level job for 6 to 12 months, do well, and in a year or two actually get a decent job for, I don't know, 60K?

For what it's worth, what I'm leaning towards pursuing is .NET / C# / C++ / ASP / SQL / Javascript (web, both server- and client-side, as well as desktop).

What do you think?

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Default Re: How's this for an approach to a career in programming?

i honestly think even though your degree is 20 years old its still a degree and there are people in all sorts of professions who have degrees some even older than 20 years so ti wouldnt worry about the age of your degree

as for the experience this is a good thing , are you still good at programming or have your skills become a bit rusty i would start practising at home and then if you find you still have the skills take relevant tutorials to brush up or teach yourself any new languages you think you will need and i would start applying for jobs . once you get an interview i reckon you will be fine cos that will give you the chance to fully explain your situation to any interviewer and hopefull yif you put yourself across well you should do fine in interview and get the job

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Default Re: How's this for an approach to a career in programming?

Just wondering, what kind of engineering degree is it and why not be a engineer?
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