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Default How to Program my own Game Help me out plz ppl plz

Hi me and a few of my friends are new to the whole programing scen but were all determined to make a Small multyplayer Rpg

we want to learn how to make a online game where the 4 of us can play and then later expand it so some of our other friends can play

any and all help would be aprechiated we would like help finding Good Tut's and any other things we need to download to make our vision a game we understand that just comeing out and makeing a game with no background is hard and makeing an online game is even harder were all screwed up in the head thow LOL and we realy wana make our own game so if any of you could post anything to help us in our Quest Thank you

I know my spelling is bad it always has been i need a Real life spell checker Lol ^^
once again any help Plz were new and we have a big dream Thank you.^^

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Default Re: How to Program my own Game Help me out plz ppl plz

Google is your friend.

My son uses one of the older RPG maker software versions.


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Default Re: How to Program my own Game Help me out plz ppl plz

Well first you're going to have to learn how to spell...
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Default Re: How to Program my own Game Help me out plz ppl plz

First off, what programming languages do you know? Secondly, I am also thinking about doing that, but I need a better comp. this one is really bad trust me. I would say learn some OpenGL to render your graphics/images. I don't know it myself, but I can definitely tell you that you should learn it (I've seen my dad mess with it plenty of times, he's a VR manager). Also learn some DirectX. But yeah, it depends. It's really a personal choice of what languages you use. I'd do Dev C++ + OpenGL/DirectX. But I don't know much about implementing DirectX nor OpenGL. I can only forward the information my dad has passed me.
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