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Default How to monitor time left by my own in a auction

Theres a site in my country (czech republic) which makes auctions that are little like swoopo, but it is starting now and it works a little different than swoopo, people dont usually use autobid bots so basically its not so much gambling, its more about strategy.
every bid raises the price a little and ads 15sec. It is VERY RARE to see 1 sec remaining. If you see it, theres chance about 20-50% that no1 is going to bid it up and it will end.
So I would like to bid in the last second, but there is a problem :
-- the time left is pretty laggy... it goes like 17 16 15 14 .......... lag for 2 sec 15 14 13 12 (fast changing 4 numbers in one second) . So I dont really know how much time is left.

Is there some way to monitor the time remaining by my own ? I dunno if some small aplication can be made for it... or whatever, I dont understand it. I just dont want the laggy response from the site. Any help is extremely helpful

the adress is -------- its in czech language, but I guess you would be able to navigate to some auction and look up the source code, or whatever what helps.

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Default Re: How to monitor time left by my own in a auction

Unless the site provides some form of API (very unlikely) then you're not really going to get any better from a programmatic approach. Sure you could keep polling the page, but the program's only ever going to "see" what you're seeing through doing it manually.

Afraid your assumption about the source code is wrong as well, that won't help (though I can't find my way around a site in a language I don't understand anyway.) The HTML source is only going to give the time remaining the same as you see the page, all the internal workings will be done server side.

So yes - you could knock up a program that theoretically monitored times. But no, chances are it'd be no better than you checking manually.
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