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Default Command Prompt Help

Well, I think I got this script right for my OS, its to make a new user or login.

@echo off
echo Have you got an account? (Y/N)
set /p yn=
IF %yn% == N GOTO 1
IF %yn% == n GOTO 1
IF %yn% == Y GOTO 2
IF %yn% == y GOTO 2

echo Please type your new account name.

set /p username=
md %username%
echo loading
ping localhose -n 2 > nul
echo loading.
ping localhose -n 2 > nul
echo loading..
ping localhose -n 2 > nul
echo loading…
ping localhose -n 2 > nul
echo Enjoy!
PAUSE > nul
goto start

set /p login=Username:
if not exist %login% goto start
:logged in
echo You are logged in.
PAUSE > nul
Does it look right?

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Default Re: Command Prompt Help

it's been ages since i've done any shell scripting so i can't comment on whether it's correct or not but one thing I noticed immediately is that there is no handle for improper user inputs
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